Press Release

R.J. O'Brien's Fourth Quarter Revenues Increase 30%

Chicago, February 28, 2007

R.J. O'Brien and Associates, Inc. (RJO), the nation's largest independent futures brokerage, announced today that its revenues climbed 30% during the fourth quarter of 2006, as compared with the fourth quarter 2005 results. Year end revenues are up over 50%.

"We accomplished many objectives during 2006 including record revenues, record earnings and record customer assets, all topping any previous quarter or year end result," said Gerald F. Corcoran, CEO. "We are also well positioned to achieve our 2007 goals which include the completion of several significant acquisitions."

RJO has enjoyed strong growth on a consistent basis for more than 10 years. Customer assets topped $2.0 billion for the first time in the firm's 93-year history during the third quarter, and rose to $2.1 billion by year end.

"In addition to operating our core business successfully, we also used 2006 to prepare RJO for future growth," said Ms. Colleen Mitchell, RJO's President. "For example, we recently completed the acquisition and integration of the JWH Global Trust, a public commodity pool with over $125 million in customer assets, and we opened our first sales office in New York."

RJO has grown nearly 10-fold since 1999 when customer assets were $215 million. In 2006, the firm ranked 14th in the annual Futures magazine rankings of the "Top 50 Brokers" in the derivatives industry. The firm has set revenue records in each of the past 10 years.

RJO added the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) to its list of global clearing capabilities during 2006 and is on track to becoming a full clearing member of the Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) during 2007.