Managed Futures

Managed Futures Overview

Integrating commodities into your trading strategy can be an attractive investment opportunity, but at the same time, you may be intimidated about trading futures and options. The rules for margining, leverage and risk are all very different in the futures market than in equity markets. So, how do you go about diversifying your portfolio with these exciting products?

The answer is Managed Futures. Managed futures allow you to participate in commodity markets and benefit from their volatility while eliminating the learning curve that goes with futures trading. A Portfolio Manager has done all the legwork for you and you simply need to select the fund that makes sense with your objectives and minimum investment.

Introduction to Managed Futures

Learn about managed futures, their historical performance as well as the different types of accounts available.

Managed Futures vs. Other Investments

Explore the benefits of managed futures and how they compare to other investment types.

Types of Managed Futures

Discover some of the most sought-after funds available in Canada, along with their trading style, program, and minimum investment.