PATS Pro-Mark

About PATS Pro-Mark

Developed to meet the needs of serious traders, Pro-Mark is a premium front-end with advanced futures trading capabilities. The platform provides speed at all levels: speed of navigation and order entry; speed of cancellation, amendment, fill receipt, throughput and handling.

Key Features

  • Reflector, a unique depth of market screen with single-click trading, cancelling and amending.
  • Color-coded indicators to help you see spread patterns and identify breakout, support and resistance levels.
  • Call and put options centralized around the ATM strike.
  • Options screen links directly to strategy creator for single click strategy creation.
  • Create advanced, customized strategies using Patsystems Strategy Manager.
  • Supports user-defined spreads such as Iron Condors, Butterflies, Strangles and Straddles.
  • Access Prism Multi-leg Auto Spreading, providing 'Deductive logic' to help you place orders at the best price to execute a strategy.
  • Create any strategy, in any ratio, across any number of legs.
  • The flexibility of Excel and the power of Pro-Mark are seamlessly integrated, allowing you to customize and execute any number of trading strategies.
  • Real-time data feed (RTD) Bulk order entry directly into Excel from order book.

Start trading and contact us: Winnipeg: 877-617-5542 / Toronto: 888-275-0029 or

Trading with Promark Reflector

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