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Being a trader requires a lot of attention be spent on watching the markets and most traders don’t have the time to scour the Internet for up to date information. We know our clients, so there’s a News feature that provides a clean and customizable reading experience right within RJO Futures PRO.

The three-pane design allows you to stay up-to-date on the news, while also still being able to keep an eye on your quotes and charts. A synchronized chart allows you to view headlines in line with your chart, so that you can see how the news affects the market. Filter and focus your headline search to better reflect your interests.

There’s even a timeline, so you can go back in time to see what was happening when the market moved. We want to make trading as easy as possible for you, so RJO Futures PRO is built to keep your day moving and you trading at the quick pace you’ve become accustomed to.

Optional News and Advisory ServicesMonthly Fee in U.S. $
Dow Jones News
Commodities Service Basic55
Commodities Service125
Energy Service - Global Energy Markets100
European Equities Spotlight75
Global FX and Fixed Income News175
Global Market News190
News Service - (North America Only)160
The Hightower Report70
Need To Know News50

If you are an existing RJO Futures client using RJOF PRO and would like to add any of the following News Services to your platform, please contact RJO Futures PRO Support

The following news services are available on the RJO Futures PRO platform. You can get headlines for an overview of the news or complete information about a particular market.

Dow Jones News:

  • Commodities Service Basic - An overview of real-time news that focuses on commodity cash and futures markets, providing technical analysis, commentary, and global weather reports.

  • Commodities Service - A comprehensive, real-time news service providing an overview of metals, softs, and agricultural commodities, supplemented by third-party reports and general news from the global markets.

  • Energy Service - Designed for energy market pros, this service covers all major market segments: electric power, crude oil, petroleum products, petrochemicals, and natural gas. Real-time news also includes market commentary and in-depth analysis.

  • European Equities Spotlight - An extensive news service that offers real-time disclosure and reports of European companies, including blue chips, stock market commentaries, and index values.

  • Global FX & Fixed Income News - Delivers relevant, real-time, market-moving news and information on the currency, debt, and fixed income markets to help traders and investment managers build predictive, profitable trading and investment strategies.

  • Global Markets News - Delivers fast, comprehensive coverage to traders and analysts seeking the latest in global equities and industry news, including disclosure and corporate actions and coverage of 14,000 companies in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and other emerging markets.

  • News Service (North America Only) - The most widely-distributed newswire for financial advisors and investment professionals, this service offers extensive coverage of the equities market.

The Hightower Report:

Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual market research, analysis, and forecasting services, including market commentaries and chart analysis.

Need to Know News: