The R.J. O’Brien team’s dedication to excellence is over a century in the making. We are not only the first futures brokerage and clearing firm to achieve this milestone, but also the last surviving founding member of CME Group. RJO is thoroughly dedicated to this industry, and throughout our history we have worked tirelessly to meet our clients’ needs.

RJO opens an office in Paris, France
RJO Opens Office in Dubai, UAE
RJO expands its operations in Europe through the acquisition of The Kyte Group Limited, now known as R.J. O'Brien Europe Limited.
R.J. O’Brien & Associates celebrates its 100th anniversary year.
A centennial commemoration video is made featuring industry leaders and O’Brien family members, including 95-year-old Robert J. O’Brien, Sr., the firm’s namesake.
RJO now has more than 500 employees and offices in Chicago, New York, London, Beijing, Hong Kong and Toronto.
RJO expands Chicago institutional brokerage operation.
The firm releases its first-ever mobile trading application, RJO Mobile Trader.
RJO introduces a newly designed corporate logo and re-branding initiative.
RJO invests in UK operation as a focal point for growth in Europe.
RJO CEO Gerald Corcoran testifies before U.S. House Committee on Agriculture on recommendations for strengthening industry’s financial safeguards.
RJO assumes 20,000 of the 38,000 accounts at MF Global after that firm declares bankruptcy.
O’Brien Family resumes majority interest in R.J. O’Brien & Associates LLC.
RJO becomes member of CBOE Futures Exchange.
RJO launches R.J. O’Brien & Associates Canada Inc., its first Canadian subsidiary.
RJO expands business in Asia opening operations in Hong Kong.
RJO partners with Powerline Petroleum, marking continued expansion into commodity hedges.
RJO partners with Spectrum Equity Investors and Technology Crossover Ventures. Gerald Corcoran assumes the additional role of Chairman.
RJO establishes first presence in Asia with a sales representative office in Beijing.
RJO releases new trading platform that includes real-time risk management, one click trading, depth of book and streaming quotes.
RJO launches a fund of funds product.
Retail online FX trading system launched at RJO.
O’Brien Investment Services, an RJO subsidiary serving self-directed private clients, becomes RJO Futures.
RJO joins the New York Mercantile Exchange and COMEX (now part of CME Group) and the New York Board of Trade (now ICE Futures U.S.).
RJO purchases SDC software, which provides real-time risk management of all customer accounts.
RJO re-brands its logo to better represent itself as a market leader.
RJO moves its offices to 222 S. Riverside Plaza.
John W. O’Brien named Chairman of the Board.
Robert O’Brien, Sr. named Chairman Emeritus.
Robert O’Brien, Jr. named Vice Chairman.
Gerald F. Corcoran named Chief Executive Officer.
RJO introduces Market Center Direct (MCD ©) trading platform.
RJO begins FX trading operations.
RJO introduces its Customer Access Terminal (CAT ©) order routing technology.
RJO joins London International Financial Futures Exchange (Liffe).
Gerald F. Corcoran named Chief Operating Officer and Director of RJO.
RJO joins the Chicago Board of Trade.
Mayor Richard M. Daley proclaims October 17 as R. J. O’Brien Day in Chicago
RJO has grown to approximately 70 employees.
Gerald F. Corcoran joins RJO and is named Chief Financial Officer. Firm has approximately 35 employees.
John W. O’Brien, Sr., son of Robert J. O’Brien, Sr., named CEO of RJO.
RJO moves to 550 W. Jackson.
First live, direct-from-the-floor commodity report in broadcast history: “Bob O’Brien Commodity Report.”
Robert O’Brien, Jr. named President of RJO.
Robert O’Brien, Sr. named Chairman of the Board of RJO.
RJO moves to 444 W. Jackson when CME relocates.
Robert O’Brien, Sr. made Director and Secretary of the new International Monetary Market upon creation of the world’s first financial futures.
John V. McCarthy company name officially changed to R.J. O’Brien & Associates (RJO).
Robert O’Brien, Sr. appears on Tonight Show presenting “Great Western Grand Champion Steer” to host Joey Bishop.
Robert O’Brien, Sr. elected Chairman of the Board of CME and served two consecutive one-year terms through 1968.
An RJO employee, 22-year-old Sandra Stephens, becomes the first woman ever to work on the floor of CME.
Robert O’Brien, Sr. elected Second Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
First branch office established – Russ Brooks: Harlan, Iowa.
RJO takes first delivery of the new Live Cattle contract, the first live commodity traded on the CME floor.
Robert O’Brien, Sr. elected to Board of Governors of Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) (served continuously from 1964-1977).
John V. McCarthy dies.
Robert O’Brien, Sr. named President of John V. McCarthy.
Robert J. O'Brien, Sr., son-in-law of John V. McCarthy, joins firm and begins client and business research. John V. McCarthy & Co. has four employees.
Geraldine McCarthy, daughter of John V. McCarthy, marries Robert J. O’Brien, Sr.
John V. McCarthy & Associates locates at 110 N. Franklin
Firm becomes founding member of Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) when it is transformed from the Chicago Butter & Egg Board.